Think. Feel. Behave.

We offer a range of proven research methodologies for an effective research strategy, whether for business to business research, community consultation or targeted research of client or customer groups. Contact us for more details and to discuss your research needs.

Myriad Research engages with community, business and government to find out how people think, feel and behave through online research, community consultation and targeted focus group research to inform decisions.

  • Brand health research
  • Concept testing
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Awareness and perception
  • Community consultation
  • Market segmentation, targeting and sizing
  • Product and service testing
  • Decision making and competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and performance

Online Surveys

With the largest online panel of registered research participants in Tasmania, representing all demographics and regions of the state, our online survey approach provides accurate, timely, cost effective research outcomes. From Mawbanna to Moonah or Memana, or Derby to Dover or Dulcot.

Telephone Interviews

Whether collecting data from the general population or specific target group, our trained interviewers engage with respondents to gather accurate, detailed information via structured questionnaire. Our projects help inform organisations and business to keep our communities safe, improve outcomes and assist in making important decisions.

Face to Face Intercept

Face to face interviews are most beneficial for location specific research, with the added benefit of building personal rapport, providing on the ground connection to your target market. You might see us out and about at local markets, shopping centres, tourist attractions and festivals!

Focus Group Discussions

Conducted either face to face or online, focus group discussions are guided by a qualified researcher to draw out deeper attitudes and opinions about certain products, services or concepts. Participants are drawn from our representative research panel, or client provided lists.

In-depth Interviews

Conducted by a skilled researcher in a 1:1 setting, in-depth interviews explore perspectives on a particular topic via a semi-structured interview.

Mystery Shopping

A method used to directly assess the quality of products and services, providing direct customer feedback for a variety of business and consumer situations. We can visit your business premises, enquire online or over the phone about a product or a service and provide valuable insight for decision making and business planning.