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Our Clients

We have been privileged to play a key role in assisting our valued clients with their research needs and have successfully completed many projects for a range of clients in the public and private sector – within Tasmania and nationally.

Our research has informed social, economic, political, environmental and community imperatives across all key industry sectors. Further details of specific projects and client references may be available on request, subject to client confidentiality.


Myriad Research is a full service provider of market research, highly experienced in tailoring design, research methodologies and strategy to meet your business and budget objectives. Our specialists can provide a broad consultancy from problem identification right through to final report and recommendations, or just simply provide one element of support in the market research process.

We remain committed to ensuring our clients are continually involved as principal decision makers throughout all stages of the market research planning and design process. We provide regular progress reports during the research implementation stage and consult closely regarding the analysis, evaluation and preparation of the research report.

We have forged productive, on-going relationships with national and global market and social research firms. We have also formed a number of important associations with respected firms in other disciplines, which provides our clients with a broader interface for their research needs.