Why Market Research?

Market research aids decision making and planning. Marketing research can be split into two research components, Primary and Secondary.

Primary research involves direct communication with the target audience, often a customer, potential customer, user of a commodity or service for example. This research is obtained through survey, interviews, observation, group discussion and monitoring of some measurable activity. Primary research is commonly named “market research”.

Secondary research involves the gathering of information and data from other sources such as; earlier documented studies; journal articles; industry publications; government and private sector studies; and statistics.

Market research helps understand:

  • Experience, behaviour and likely behaviour.
  • Awareness, attitude, understanding, perception and opinion.
  • Satisfaction and acceptance
  • Wants, needs, demand and supply attributes
  • Performance and reliability

Understanding these attributes will aid problem solving as well as shaping business and social decision making and driving sound operational and strategic planning.

Know your:

  • Customers
  • Stakeholders
  • Employees
  • Competition
  • The market in which you operate

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