Our partners

Myriad has developed a range of quality research partners to enable strategic alliance for timely response to research briefs.
Our firm has forged productive, on-going relationships with national and global market and social research firms including …

TNS Global

Colmar Brunton


Quantum Market Research

Essential Research

Instinct and Reason

Open Mind

Taylor Research

UMR Research

Stent Research

Millward Brown

The Leading Edge

Opinion Leaders

Hoo Solutions




Your Source

The Market Intelligence Co.

Blue Moon Research and Planning

Q&A Market Research



Inside Story


Sweeney Research

Galileo Kaleidoscope

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Our associates

We have also formed a number of important associations with respected firms in other disciplines, which provides our clients with a broader interface for their research needs. Some of our associates include…

Red Jelly
leading Tasmanian advertising agency

Beyond PR
leading Tasmanian public relations firm

Community Focus
community consultations and strategic planning

SGS Economics and Planning
national firm of urban and regional economists and planners

Pitt and Sherry
respected national engineering and environmental consultants

leading international consulting firm