Our Services

Getting to know your customers or potential customers is about making meaningful connection with them and understanding their wants, how they think, feel and behave. Myriad Research has ISO accreditation and is a full service provider of market research, highly experienced in tailoring design, research methodologies and strategy to meet your business and budget objectives.

Our specialists can provide a full market service from problem identification right through to final reports and recommendations, or just simply provide one element of support in the market research process.

We remain committed to ensuring our clients are continually involved as principal decision makers throughout all stages of the market research planning and design process. We provide regular progress reports during the research implementation stage and consult closely regarding the analysis, evaluation and
preparation of the research report.

We are also experienced and skilled in “secondary research”, that is, gathering, analysing and reporting on information and data available from other sources, such as earlier studies, private and government publications, industry journals and statistics.