Our People

The people at Myriad are highly motivated and well qualified in their respective fields. We are focused on adding value by providing relevant and actionable research outcomes.

Directors Brian and Ros Correy together have over 30 years experience in market research, with in excess of 600 projects conducted within Tasmania and nationally since 1993.

Our field interview team is skilled at effectively engaging with survey respondents at all levels within business, government, industry and the wider community.

Our Team

Brian Correy

Myriad Executive Director, Brian is a Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR), the industry recognition for market and social research expertise, and a full member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), the national professional body.

Brian has worked extensively across the Tasmanian public and private sector in the area of sales, marketing, training, industrial relations and teaching.

In a previous life, Brian worked in the field of industrial relations in the State public sector, and in the Tasmanian private sector in the area of sales and marketing. He was Marketing Executive for the Hobart Chamber of Commerce, a period that saw record growth for that organisation.

Brian established his own business in the early 90’s, a consultancy providing staff training and marketing strategy services. In 1993, Brian, with his partner Ros, took over the market research business, Myriad Consultancy which was established by Jan Lynch in Launceston in 1988.

Through the wide range of projects completed for public and private sector clients, Brian has gained a comprehensive knowledge of Tasmania’s industry, business and community sectors and an understanding of the state’s unique island culture, behaviour and perceptions … whilst maintaining important national links and perspectives through Myriad research partners across Australia.

Ros Correy

Myriad Co-Director and overall in charge of project management. Ros has specialist skills in data analysis which ensures reporting outcomes are valid, accurate and relevant to the project requirements.

A former primary school teacher, Ros is well qualified and experienced to manage the overall research process, including data entry and analysis of survey returns, and ensuring that operations are conducted with due regard to the relevant quality assurance and privacy protocols.

Lucy Blake

Myriad Field Manager. Lucy manages Myriad’s field operations for quantitative surveys, selecting, briefing and managing the interview team for individual projects. A key role of the field management position is to conduct the relevant quality audits – observations and verification – to ensure the field component is completed to industry standards for the particular survey methodology.

Lucy has previously worked in the childcare industry as a qualified carer, and more recently in management positions with a leading hospitality organisation in Australia and the UK.

Charles Scarafiotti

Marketing and Business Development Associate. Charles is a graduate from the University of Tasmania (Bachelor of Science), an Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, and an accredited Certified Practising Marketer.

Charles has a sound understanding of Tasmania’s social, economic and political environments, together with extensive public and private sector experience in senior management positions, including; Executive Manager – Marketing Tasports; Marketing Manager Tasplan Super; Executive Director of the Industrial Supplies Office in Tasmania; and Assistant General Manager, Marketing and Major Events for the Department of Economic Development.

Charles has specific expertise in strategic and market planning and is able to add significant value to our research capacity by assisting organisations to action research outcomes.

Our field team

We have a trained and experienced field interview team working across the State. Myriad interviewers come from all walks of life and have the ability to connect with respondents in a friendly, professional and meaningful way, whether the project involves face to face interviewing, telephone survey, executive in-depth interviews or recruiting for focus groups and other qualitative research.

Our team is also well experienced in mystery or shadow shopping, able to provide our clients with direct customer feedback in a variety of business and consumer situations.

The field team is selected for each project with regard to relevant experience and expertise and is fully briefed by the consultants before commencing field interviewing to ensure field work is conducted to the highest possible standard.

Comprehensive audits (field observations and verifications) are conducted as part of our quality assurance protocols for each project.

Projects are fully debriefed with our field team and client for on-going improvement.